TSUSG 2024 Annual Meeting

The Transport Security UNIFIED Stakeholders Group (TSUSG) is a forum for partners from the transportation industry, law enforcement, government agencies, and governing bodies to strengthen the North American transportation security regime for radioactive sources.

The TSUSG will meet again this summer for an annual meeting. We hope you will join us to discuss transport security challenges; network with members from across industries; and find opportunities to ensure the safe and secure transport of radioactive materials across North America.

Last year’s TSUSG Annual Meeting included a tour of the Port of Long Beach hosted by the port’s security staff. We went on a boat tour and saw presentations and a tour of security systems operated 24/7 by staff. Seeing the fixed monitoring equipment, procedure review and integration of the overall security plan with commercial entities operating within the Port was eye-opening!

Mark Yeager, TSUSG member